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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
TrackLab: to be continued

For the final evaluation of the software that was developed during the E-Track project a new version, TrackLab 1.2, was released for use within the consortium. The evaluation showed that the users are satisfied with the usability of the software and that the options for visualization of your GNSS data and the playback tools that are present in the program are useful functions to quickly gain more insight in the movements of animals.

In terms of possibilities for data analysis, there are still a lot of wishes, especially considering the further implementation of data from additional sensors like accelerometers. However, the analysis of the cattle data to assess individual fitness, showed that the software already provides a good number of statistical variables and solutions to analyse location data. New features also include the option to select parts of your data based on time or events. This way, intervals are generated that can be analysed separately. Also a number of statistical parameters like heading, turning angle and meander are now given per sample which gives the user room for own analyses and allows to take a closer look and better understand what happens at and between certain location fixes.

Interesting new features that were not used in E-Track but are now further developed, include the development of live data import options. TrackLab is able to receive track and/or event data from external systems (for example: Ubisense or Eagle Eye systems for indoor tracking). For real-time tracking systems also a remote control was developed with which you can start and stop tracking remotely using an app on an Android smartphone.


You can find more information on Tracklab and activities of Noldus in this field on these websites:





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