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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Workshop held at MB2012

Good discussion and feedback at E-Track workshop ...

E-Track held a workshop at Measuring Behavior 2012, the bi-annual conference bringing together all different disciplines regarding behavioural sciences. Compared to previous editions, this years conference had quite some GNSS related papers and workshops. E-Track organised a workshop dedicated to the use of GNSS and EGNOS in enhanced animal tracking for behaviour detection. The workshop was visited by 30 scientists in the field. Presentations were given by Lucas Noldus (project coordinator), Boris Kennes (European GNSS Agency), Andrea Kölzsch (Requirements analysis), Brian Cresswell (EGNOS enabled animal tags) and Frank van Langevelde (field trial with domestic cows). The workshop was moderated by Tamme van der Wal.

The project just concluded its first field tests with the new EGNOS enabled tags. The first analyses were presented. Below is a display of raw tracks of a cow.

More information about the E-Track workshop will follow.


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