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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Noldus Information Technology

Noldus Information Technology BV (www.noldus.com) develops software tools and integrated measurement systems for the study of movement and behaviour. These products are used worldwide in basic and applied scientific research at universities, research institutes and industrial laboratories. Applications of Noldus tools in the area of animal behaviour include: behaviour of large mammals in nature reserves; ethology, ecology and population dynamics of animals in their natural habitat in relation to biodiversity; animal welfare in intensive farming systems; and effects of drugs or toxic substances on animal behaviour. The company was founded in 1989 by L.P.J.J. Noldus and currently employs 110 people, of whom 35 in Research & Development. Noldus has a track record of successful development of scientific software into commercially viable products. Its first product, The Observer®, has an estimated number of 20.000 users worldwide. EthoVision®, a system for automated movement tracking and behaviour recognition, is in use at more than 1.400 locations worldwide. Noldus has an internationally leading position in the market for behavioural research systems with an installed base of > 5.400 organizations in over 75 countries. Noldus Information Technology is also active in knowledge dissemination, as the initiator and organizer of the biennial international Measuring Behavior conferences (www.measuringbehavior.org), and by organizing symposia and workshops around the globe. Noldus has been involved in numerous national and international collaboration projects in a variety of application fields, including research projects funded by the European Community. Currently Noldus is a partner in the following EU projects: Neuromodel (FP7), Pronto (FP7), Guarantee (ITEA2), iCareNet (FP7) and MOVE (FP7).
Tasks in the project Noldus will serve as the project coordinator, leading WP7 (Project management). Noldus will also lead WP4 (Application development and system integration), in which it will develop, improve and supply software for aggregation, visualization and analysis of EGNOS position data and animal movement tracks, and coordinate the system integration activities. Furthermore it will be responsible for commercial feasibility studies (WP2), market research, development of a business plan and commercialization of the E-TRACK software (WP6).